Welcome to LSAT-Land!

There are a few things that you can start doing if you are wanting to get familiar with the LSAT but aren’t quite sure if you are ready to make the investment in a top notch LSAT Preparation program. Here are some suggestions for places to start.

STEP 1 Download the June 2007 LSAT here


STEP 2 Take that test. You can either time it by giving yourself 35 minutes per section if you want a reasonable assessment of how you might do on the real test, or you can take it untimed to just get familiar with all the parts of the test.

STEP 3 Watch this introductory lecture that uses examples from the June 2007 LSAT.

Lecture 1

STEP 4 Check out the Khan Academy Free LSAT class. It is a great resource if you are just looking to get a decent score on the test and learn some of the basics. As the diagnostic test you will take test 78 and you can access explanations for that test in the other resources in this course.

STEP 5 Take one of the online tests available from LSAC. These tests are in the same format and even the same software that is used in the real test.


STEP 6 Review test 73 using the resources in this course.

STEP 7 Contact us to set up a FREE 30-minute one-on-one session to help you make a plan for success!


or you can use this general plan for self-study.

Study Plan for Self-study