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This version of the lecture uses test 73 which is included in the FREE version of the Law Hub digital tests provided by LSAC. If you don’t already have that, here is the link to create an account with LSAC and get access to it.


Once you have that opened, you can watch the three portions of the lecture and follow along with the examples.

JANUARY 2023 Version

NOVEMBER 2023 Version

SEPTEMBER–NOVEMBER 2023 Recorded Sept. 5, 2023

JUNE–AUGUST 2023 Recorded on June 12, 2023

January 2023 version with focus on games

Winter 2022 Version

Fall 2022 Version

August 2022 Version

This is the Spring 2022 version.

Here is the version from January 2022, using the same test.

For this lecture we use the June 2007 LSAT. That can be found in the LawHub Digital Subscription package.

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Here are the most recent versions of the lecture from Fall 2021

Here are previous versions that also use the same examples.


Here is the version from Spring of 2021.


Here is an additional Video that just talks about some basics of diagramming on Order Based Games and will be helpful for the Order Based Rules quiz.