About Us

Why choose ACE for Test Preparation?

ACE test preparation is the foremost authority on LSAT preparation. We do not teach gimmicks or test-taking tricks. We focus on the knowledge and strategies that will prepare students for success on the tests they take and in their future studies. Started in 1998 by Brent Dunn, ACE has helped hundreds of students who started in fiftieth and sixtieth percentiles into the eightieth and ninetieth percentiles on their respective tests. All of our instructors have scored in the 99th percentile or higher on the tests they teach and have been trained extensively in order to pass their skills along.

If Graduate School is the door to your future, WE HAVE THE KEY!

Our Mission

ACE’s mission is to provide an affordable service to students looking to further their education. We know the students we meet are bright and able to conquer the challenges that lie ahead of them. However, the doors to higher education are all too often closed to students if they cannot perform well on a one-time trial of their skills a standardized test.

Ace specializes in teaching students the knowledge and strategies that propel them to success on their tests. This success not only opens the doors to higher education but often gets them scholarships waiting for them on the other side. We are priced hundreds less than national test preparation services because we focus on what we are good at and nothing else. We have the keys to success, and we want to help you unlock the doors to your future.