My hat!!!


Wayne’s lucky hat has been stolen…again! Your mission is to find out who stole Wayne’s hat, and where it has been hidden!

To accomplish that, you will need to find small hats hidden around the convention. Each one will have a QR code to scan that will give you information to help you find out who stole the hat (DAY 1) and where the hat is hidden (DAY 2).

NONE OF THE HATS ARE HIDDEN IN MEETING ROOMS! All of them are hidden in areas that are accessible throughout the convention and in places that will not disrupt sessions.

Each hat is numbered so that you can tell which ones you have already found. If you get really stumped, ask one of the people with the special Wayne’s Lucky Hat pins and they can give you a hint.

When you have solved the case, go to the Photo Booth room for a special prize!

Good luck and have fun!