You found Clue #1

Nice work! This looks like part of a list that Wax made of the possible suspects. If you can find all the pieces of the list and rule out some, we just might figure out who took my hat! 

The list included these names. 








  • Around the venue are tiny hats with attached QR codes. Each hat has a clue to help you figure out who took Wayne’s hat (DAY 1), and where the hat is now (DAY 2).
  • DO NOT TAKE OR MOVE THE HATS! Please keep the hats where they are so everyone can have fun!
  • NONE OF THE HATS ARE IN PANEL ROOMS! We don’t want to interrupt presentations, so all of the hats are hidden in areas that you can access without interrupting panels.
  • ANY CHARACTER FROM THE SERIES COULD HAVE TAKEN THE HAT! Even those who die at some point in the series!
  • Once you find all the hats come to the photo booth for a little surprise!