Welcome Cadet! We need your help right away!

Spensa has discovered the secret for how to defeat the delvers, but in the process, we discovered that Spensa’s memory has been corrupted. The Delvers managed to replace her actual memories of one being in her life with false memories.

Other delvers are hiding around the venue hoping to corrupt Spensa’s other memories. You must find those Delvers and scan them with a photographic electronic device. Scanning them will temporarily stun them and will reveal which being they were targeting in Spensa’s memory. That will let us know that Spensa’s memories of that being are safe. Once you find all 29 delvers in Area 4, the being who still remains is the answer to the quest.


But, time is of the essence! Unless we can discover which memories have been compromised, they will corrupt all of Spensa’s memories and drive her to madness!

Once you have discovered which memories have been corrupted return at once to Platform Prime and inform a crew member.

The advanced training quizzes are NOT NECESSARY to complete this training, but if you are looking for an extra challenge, they will provide you with some fun. There are two secret challenges that only the very best pilots will solve, and one of those will walk away with a unique trophy.